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ORC Week5: Door Slats & Butcher Block

At this point, I am rolling with whatever pops in my head. Anyone else find it easier to get something done when the "time is right" vs whether or not you need it right now?

It's mid-week and although I am still working on the sliding doors, I felt motivated to move my table saw outside and overcome the dread of cutting down these 1x3s.

During the planning phase, I tossed around the idea of slats running up the wall & across the ceiling. I was really hoping to use a prefabricated panel material but the goal of this project was to use up my spare wood, if possible.

During Week 2 I was browsing the gram and came across a guy who put slats over his door. BINGO!...and then I went down a surfing rabbit hole. It's not a major trend right now, but I can see it becoming one fairly soon.

I gathered all of my 1x3s and tried to figure out how to cut straight down the middle 🥴. Let's just say no matter what I did, one side was always slightly bigger. However comma but...."who's gonna know 🤔?"

Technically, I was not ready to start working on these, but the cuts were out of the way. What I did need to start on, was the butcher block desktop. I had a lot of my spare 2 bys from my Fireplace build and with the table saw already warmed up, cut off the round-over edges and cleaned up a few rough sides.

Next, I worked on fitting them together; making sure the seams were staggered and the grain patterns were alternating. Again, like the doors, opted for pocket holes since there were so many pieces I had to join together. This made the most logical sense for time and for me

In the midst of all this, I managed to add the router inlay for the faux glass, stain and poly the doors.

A lot more to go, but I'm so stoked at the progress I'm making. Mentally it has been overwhelming, but somehow I'm slowly figuring out how to guide my scattered brain to stay somewhat focused.

Week 6 is coming in hot!! Don't forget to see how far we've all come on the #oneroomchallenge weekly updates and on IG @oneroomchallenge & @diyblueprintdiva.

Until next time...

Later Peeps.

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1 Comment

Jul 23, 2023

Always great coming back and rereading your blogs… congrats on the 20k Instagram followers 👍🏾

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