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Hi there!


I'm ToNora, a 5'-nothing, DIY Junkie.

I started this DIY journey as a pass-time to my

full-time job nearly 3 years ago. I've created a

space for myself to just be me and I love it.

Since I can remember, I've always been independent which lead to just trying things myself before asking. A "Jack of all trades" as my Mom always calls me; No matter what the task, project, or circumstance is. So when it came to learning wood-working and carpentry, I was able to pick it up quite naturally. 

I'm a visual learner and a thinker. If I can see myself doing something safely,* better believe I'm going to attempt it. What I've come to realize is that doing things by yourself is not always a result of not having someone to ask, but for me self-gratification of simply being able to. Plus, I'm a bit impatient :) I will say though, I'm never afraid to ask.

After working on a few home DIY projects, I started to realize the fulfillment it gave me and that I was actually pretty good at it. From there, I just let it guide me and here we are. I have hopes of working with Brands and building a name for self in the near future. With the things I've been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time, it still baffles me. And to think, I'm just getting started. Stay Tuned!

For more details on how it all started, check out my Blog: "A Typed Ramble...How it all Started." 


Give me all the details, so I can still overthink it!

So... About Me,

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