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ORC Week3: diy Sliding Barn Doors

Week 3 of the OneRoomChallenge is well underway.

Although they'll be far from "barn style," I can assure you they will slide!

The pep talks leading up to this build were serious. It always seems so simple in my head, which gives me the courage to say, "Oh, I can build that." However comma but after some serious thought, I typically always want to change my mind!

I'm all about the details and with knowing that, I get overwhelmed thinking about the details I need to think about, lol. I originally thought about using the old doors that I took off the closet, but my design would cause more work. Cutting out the inside of (2) hollow doors, then adding material internally and externally to make them sturdy, was a lot more than I could fathom.

So...I opted to build them. I knew I wanted something more sleek and industrial vs traditional, which meant shaker and paneling were OUT! I Googled, YouTubed, Pinterest searched for days looking for some type of inspiration. All I had circling in this head of mine was some type of glass look with 2by's as the frame.

I didn't want to go through the hassle of spraying or adhering a frosted decal, so plexiglass was out too. I then recalled seeing on Instagram where @homediyary used polycarbonate roofing material as a reeded glass substitute! GENIUS girl!

Now, I just needed to visually see it all together to figure out how to build it. That's where the "Modern Door" search came in clutch for the win.

Can you see where this is going??? After I had this as a reference, all it took was figuring out the measurements and how I would assemble it (pocket holes or dowels?).

I still have a few more days left in week 3, but so far the frame pieces have been planed, cut to size and round-over corners removed.

This took most of the weekend.

Next, I need to sand some boards down a little more for its final finish and then paint or stain. I'm still debating which one??? Leave me a comment below if you have a suggestion.

I'll have more details on this build in my Instagram Stories and a part 2 of this blog on the entire build. If you haven't already checked out the other weekly updates and the hardworking participants, head on over to see the incredible work everyone has been putting in @oneroomchallenge.

P.S. I missed week 2 upload, but I'll be posting it soon and what I accomplished last week. As always I appreciate your support!

Until next time....Lata Peeps.

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