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ORC Week2: Ceiling Detail & Painted Walls

Hi Gang! Welcome back to Week 2 of this #oneroomchallenge! I will say a lot was accomplished and discovered this week. Nothing is ever the plan, it just starts to come together in the moment. Hopefully, I can work on this for future projects 🙃.

So...lets jump right into it! If you caught Week 1, you're aware I started this project 3 years ago with just one green accent wall. Let me tell you, I was in love with this color 3 years ago and I'd probably paint my entire house in it if I was crazy [insert side eyes]. It was a no brainer when revisiting this room and the current trend of "paint everything." Which is exactly what I did in Sherwin Williams Foxhall Green, in Satin (I believe).

I've heard of the horror stories of painting dark colors and they are all true!

Between the streaking and showing all the wall imperfections, I've grown as a perfectionists to not care as much, haha. Only because I'm aware I'm not a professional and I was not about to re-paint a wall for the 3rd time.


Originally, the idea was to paint the ceiling as well, which is why I was not too concerned with getting paint on it. But of course, the creative wave started kicking in and I began thinking of another alternative to paint. Perhaps because of the neck, shoulder and arm work it would entail!

I immediately hopped on Beyonce's internet and started researching this idea of a peel and stick tile for the ceiling.

You can always count on someone thinking of it first. And to my surprise, it was for their One Room Challenge a couple years ago. How ironic!

The color I wanted of course was being discontinued and not available in stores. However, I'm a firm believer in just checking anyway because who believes everything you see online!

Sure enough, I went to the store and there were 5 boxes left on the shelf with that yellow 'SALE' tag. SCORE! It was meant to be, the sign of all signs. I'll share how I managed to do it, pros, cons, and suggestions in my next post. Stay tuned for that. Until then, how awesome did this turn out?? It may not be for everyone, but it's definitely for me😊.

Other things I checked off for Week2 include:

  • Installing a dedicated outlet in the closet for my computer

  • Hanging my new @kichlerlighting ceiling fixture (more details to come on that)

Thanks for sticking around. Special shoutouts to the One Room Challenge & Apartmenttherapy for having this awesome challenge. Please go checkout all the great projects for this Spring Challenge. More updates to follow...

Later peeps.

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